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Marissa Marten

Legal Nurse Consultant


Marissa is our wise and compassionate legal nurse consultant with vast experience in the medical field. She first earned her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from South Dakota State University and then completed her Master’s in Nursing with the University of Phoenix. She has extensive knowledge of dementia and Alzheimer’s along with wound care, oncology, and emergency management. With over ten years of nursing expertise under her belt, she specializes in identifying deviations from standards of care and the causations of injuries that clients experienced as a result of their nursing home treatment.

Community Compassion

A defining feature of Marissa is her compassion for clients and her dedication to excellence. She has cared for patients with cancer, solid organ transplants, and renal disease, and she has ensured that nursing home residents’ care plans are created and followed to safeguard them from harm. She transformed her passion for nursing into an Instructor position with a local college in Minnesota, where her talent was recognized through her nomination for the Teacher of Excellence Award in 2017. Her love for positively impacting the community extends into her volunteer work as the Secretary for her city’s Volunteer Ambulance Service. No matter which aspect of life you examine, you will find Marissa’s heartfelt empathy for others, as well as her commitment to providing excellent health care, evident in both her words and actions.

Motivated Mindset

When she is not serving as a Director of Nursing or Legal Nurse Consultant, Marissa continues to exemplify her drive through serving Indian-style tacos with her husband on their food truck each weekend during the summer. They travel across Minnesota and even venture into Iowa and South Dakota! Along with caring for four children, the youngest being three years old, managing and operating your own business is no easy feat, but Marissa tackles it with the same passion and dedication she shows to all of our clients here at the firm. Phoenix Accident and Injury Law Firm is honored to have Marissa on our team!