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Haven of Phoenix Cited for Improper Safety Standards

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To figure out how the nursing home you have chosen for your family is rated and to see if the home has any prior violations, check out our nursing home index. We’ve compiled all of the nursing homes in Arizona as well as their health code reports, including those from Haven of Phoenix.

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To figure out how the nursing home you have chosen for your family is rated and to see if the home has any prior violations, check out our nursing home index. We’ve compiled all of the nursing homes in Arizona as well as their health code reports.

Additionally, take a look at our Nursing Home Glossary– an index of important words you need to know in a nursing home abuse case and their definitions.

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Haven of Phoenix

Haven of Phoenix, a part of the Haven Health group and a long standing member of the Arizona Health Care Association, has three violations cited in a 2019 report from the HHS and CMS. Below is a summary of the report and a discussion of the implications.

Failure to ensure services provided by the nursing facility meet professional standards of quality. (F 0658)

The facility failed to ensure one resident who was at risk for choking (dysphagia) was monitored by a nurse while taking medications. Unless otherwise documented in the care plan (e.g. that a patient is okay to self-administer), nurses are to watch residents as they take their medications.

Failure to ensure that a nursing home area is free from accident hazards and provides adequate supervision to prevent accidents. (F 0689)

The facility failed to ensure that proper safety measures were in place for a resident who had cognitive impairment and regularly experienced falls.

The resident experienced a series of falls at the facility, some of which resulted in injury and some did not.

After each incident, the care plan was reviewed and the preventative action was to keep a floor mat next to the bed as a safety precaution.

At one point after several falls, the residents room was observed and there was no mat by the bed, despite the fact that staff interviewed seemed to be aware of the need for the floor mats.

A policy regarding falls included that this facility is to develop a culture of safety for our residents to thrive.

Failure to procure food from sources approved or considered satisfactory and store, prepare, distribute and serve food in accordance with professional standards. (F 0812 )

Containers of cookies which were not sealed properly and cartons of expired orange juice were found onsite.

Common Nursing Home Injuries: Falls and Choking

Despite the fact that nursing home falls are preventable, they remain some of the most common reasons for injuries in U.S. nursing homes.

Falls are more common among seniors in nursing homes than in those of comparable age who are living in the community.

The Nursing Home Abuse Center estimates that over 50% of nursing home residents experience a fall annually, and about 10-20% of falls in these facilities end up with serious injuries. Moreover, some 1,300 people in nursing facilities die from fall-related injuries annually.

Falls and other types of injuries such as choking are typically preventable, but facilities need to practice extra diligence with staffing, training, records management and other actions.

Care plans need to be followed by all staff at all times and this is especially crucial with regards to those actions which can cause serious harm and death.

Contact Us for Questions About Nursing Home Neglect

Neglecting to follow proper procedures and consequent injuries and death can constitute neglect and abuse in nursing homes, and many incidents go unreported.

If your loved one is entering into a nursing home, be sure to conduct due diligence about the home and understand the risks — the personal ones of your loved one as well as the ones that the specific home may present.

Our team of abuse attorneys is dedicated to seeking damages on behalf of those family members who are being abused and help you find better accommodations for them in the nearby area. We’ve worked on a number of nursing home abuse cases previously in your area and take the time to understand the family’s concerns as well as the situation they believe their loved one is in.

At Phoenix Accident and Injury Law Firm near you, we have more than 15 years of experience helping clients obtain compensation for their and their loved one’s personal injuries, including those from nursing home abuse in the Phoenix area. When you’re ready to talk, please contact our office to arrange a free initial consultation by phone or at our Chandler office, conveniently located near you.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of nursing home abuse, contact Phoenix Accident and Injury Law Firm in nearby Chandler, AZ to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney. We provide personal injury legal services to clients in your area including Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, and Peoria.