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Knowing your rights after a bus accident

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It’s difficult to imagine something as horrendous as a bus accident due to their size and very nature to carry numerous passengers around. The trusted vehicle you chose to use to get to work, school, or into town safely, every day without issue- until one day it all changes and now you’re left feeling helpless.

Whilst bus accidents in Arizona are luckily quite uncommon if you’ve been involved in one, you’re probably feeling very confused about where to start legal proceedings. Our experienced team of attorneys has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to handling bus accidents in Arizona, sharing their own previous experiences to help you through your litigation case. 

Our blog help explains the legal processes when it comes to handling every individual’s case in the bus accident as well as who is responsible for the driver and vehicle and why it’s important to file a case if you were involved in a multiple-person accident.

The injury attorneys at Phoenix Accident and Injury Law Firm near you have significant experience in helping clients who have been in a bus accident.  Our offices are conveniently located in nearby Chandler, Peoria, and North Phoenix, and we can meet in-person at our nearby offices, over the phone, or video call.  You can contact us for a free consultation, or read on to find out more.

By the way, we will also help with other problems that have cost you sleep, like getting a rental car very soon and finding a nearby doctor who can help you. Even the best legal team isn’t good enough if your quality of life isn’t sustainable while justice and compensation are on the way. The whole point of legal action is to regain quality of life, so we help you long-term as attorneys and short-term as your go-to people. Our familiarity with the local Phoenix courts makes us confident that we can help you get the best settlement possible.

 Bus accidents

There’s no getting away from it- buses are huge and heavy. With the potential to carry a lot of passengers, some of whom would have been standing up. Operating a bus carries high stakes, and bus companies are subject to a broad field of federal and state regulations that ensure they are operating safely. Due to their very nature of transporting a lot of people- often without seatbelts and depending on the journey they take, offering the opportunity to stand. As you can therefore imagine, when an accident does happen, it can have a catastrophic impact on every person choosing to ride as well as the other vehicles involved.

As an individual passenger, you have a right to file your own accident case against the bus company which is important to know as many people assume there will only need to be one legal case filed for the same accident. This isn’t true and it’s important to hire a legal professional to represent your own experience in the accident, whether you were on the bus or another vehicle.

What is bus accident litigation and what does it mean for your case

When bus accidents happen, litigation can be lengthy and complicated due to a number of factors such as the number of individuals involved and their own personal injuries as well as involving the bus driver’s employer. There are also added complications to consider such as maintenance on the bus and other factors that could have impacted the bus accident such as traffic and the time of day. All of these things will be carefully considered by your accident attorney who will help represent you as an individual after this horrendous accident. 

Our team of experienced lawyers is very familiar with the litigation law in Arizona and can help steer you through the rather stressful and often emotional legal journey that comes after an incident such as a bus accident. 

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