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Get the Help You Need to Recover From Nursing Home Abuse in Peoria, AZ

Nursing homes are supposed to be safe environments where aging individuals can receive the care and support they need to live healthy and fulfilling lives. Unfortunately, while some nursing home administrators and caregivers care passionately about their residents, the statistics show that far too many residents fall victim to nursing home abuse. If you believe that you or a loved one may be a victim, you should speak with a Peoria nursing home abuse lawyer promptly. At Phoenix Accident and Injury Law Firm, we care about our clients and their well-being. Contact our office for a free and confidential case consultation today.

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We Help Residents and Families in Peoria Recover After Instances of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Instances of nursing home abuse rarely, if ever, improve on their own. Once a nursing home resident experiences abuse, he or she is far more likely to experience abuse again. The elderly are an invaluable part of our society, but they are also incredibly vulnerable. This is why it is so important to seek help when you or a loved one have suffered at the hands of nursing home staff—and it is why we are so passionate about helping those who have been abused.

Our Peoria nursing home abuse lawyers represent residents and families in Arizona with cases involving all forms of mistreatment, abuse, and neglect while residing in a nursing home. Here is what you can expect when you contact us:

  • We Will Arrange a Free and Confidential Consultation – Our nursing home abuse attorneys will arrange for you to meet with one of us at a time and place that are convenient for you. Your initial consultation is 100% free and confidential.
  • You Will Speak with a Lawyer Oneon-One – During your free initial consultation, you will speak with a lawyer one-on-one. The meeting will be private, and you will be able to speak openly in a safe environment.
  • Your Lawyer Will Explain Everything You Need to Know – Your lawyer will take the time to answer all of your questions. Your lawyer will also explain everything else you need to know in order to protect yourself (or your loved one) and make informed decisions.
  • We Will Deal with the Nursing Home For You – From the moment you contact us, we will deal with the nursing home on your behalf. This includes handling everything from obtaining records, medications, and personal property to handling your claim for nursing home abuse.
  • We Will Help You with All Aspects of Your Recovery – While helping our clients recover financial compensation is a big part of our practice, we help our clients in many other ways as well. We will assist with all aspects of your recovery, from obtaining necessary treatment to finding a safe new place to live.
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What Are The Common Five Types of Nursing Home Abuse?

Nursing home abuse can take many different forms. While most people think about physical abuse (and the data show that physical abuse is alarmingly common), nursing home residents can fall victim to various other types of abuse as well. Broadly speaking, all forms of nursing home abuse fall into one of five categories:

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse can involve verbal assaults, belittling, or depriving nursing home residents of their basic needs. Embarrassment, intimidation, and isolation are also forms of emotional abuse.  Other forms of nursing home abuse (i.e., financial, physical, and sexual abuse) can have emotional effects as well.

Financial Abuse

Financial abuse in nursing homes can take three primary forms. Typically, financial abuse involves either (i) overcharging residents for items or services; (ii) stealing residents’ cash, checks, or credit cards; or, (iii) pressuring vulnerable residents into granting financial powers of attorney or changing the terms of their estate plans.


Neglect is a common form of nursing home abuse that can also take many different forms. Failing to provide residents with food or drink, failing to properly administer residents’ medications, failing to reposition immobile residents, and leaving residents alone for extended periods of time are all examples of substandard and unacceptable nursing home care.

Physical Abuse

Nursing home residents have the right to be free from all forms of unwanted physical contact. This includes physical assaults such as hitting and pushing, as well as the use of physical restraints. Unexplained cuts, bruises, broken bones, and pain are all common signs of physical abuse in nursing homes.

Sexual Abuse

Nursing home residents also have the right to be free from any unwanted sexual communications or contact. Inappropriate comments, forcing residents to watch explicit videos, unwanted touching, and rapes and sexual assaults are all forms of abuse that demand immediate intervention, treatment, and legal action.

All forms of nursing home abuse can have equally serious consequences, and they all provide residents and families with the same legal rights. No matter what happened, if you have concerns, we urge you to talk to a Peoria nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as possible. 

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Speak with a Peoria Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Near You in Confidence

If you need to know more about your legal rights as the victim (or as the family member of a victim) of nursing home abuse, you can contact us 24/7 for a free consultation. Call 480-634-7480, text 480-771-7898, or send us your contact information online to speak with a Peoria, AZ nursing home abuse lawyer in confidence.

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